2 thoughts on “Video – Catching Up

  1. The video is so very important to see and hear. When I hear things like I look great or wow I don’t seem sick I try to remember the word for politely telling someone to shut the f up because they don’t see the painful horrible side effect days nor me when I just cannot move or the amount of pain meds I’m on, prescribed by my palliative oncologist so I can actually move. I feel you. I am on the third to last protocol and it’s got some yuck side effects such as occasional bouts of diarrhea and bad tummy aches, joint pain, and chemo brain. I am grateful for the online support. But Covid and moving to the country has isolated me to the point if insanity. Writing helps. Laughter helps. Meditation helps. But this sucks. If I put photos of myself throughout the near six year I’ve been in treatment I don’t think anyone could argue I’m talking up my cancer – this is the latest accusation since I guess I look like I might actually have cancer now. I am sending you my love and healing energy and I wish for you to find a trial that works better than your current protocol and for your psa numbers to go down. Big hugs 🤗


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